The beginning
of a new era.

“It all started in 1962 when my father, Mickey, who was an avid amateur photographer throughout his youth, heard that there was a camera store for sale in the little town of Bernardsville, NJ.

Then 10 years later in 1972 a business friend of Mickey’s, who owned a camera store in the town of Parsippany, asked him if he would be interested in owning another store, as he wanted to sell. My father approached me about the opportunity, and like he before me, I jumped at the opportunity. And that was the beginning of a new era for our family.”
– Joe Rozynski

The Future of Photo Zone and the Progression of Photography.

“For the next 10 years our family developed a reputation for providing the community with the information and products that were the bedrock of photography at the time. We carried all the major camera lines (Nikon, Pentax, Tamron, Canon, and more) and we were very proud of the reputation we had developed as experts in the field of photography. Our customers became our friends and our business grew.

Over the years our business has changed along with the Photo industry. We expanded our product offerings and grew into the largest family operated business in our area. And then came digital.”

– Joe Rozynski

At Photo Zone, we stay up to date on the latest changes and updates in the Photo industry and its community. We carry all of the latest in digital cameras and their related accessories. And we expanded our lab services to allow us to produce real photographs from our customers digital cameras.

We are still learning, teaching and growing in this never-ending field of photography. And, although my father passed away and my mother retired, I am still operating a family business with the same quality of service that my father instilled in me over 30 years ago to continue the legacy of Photo Zone.

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