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1200 Route 46 West - PARSIPPANY NEW JERSEY 07054


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Our Shoe Box Scan program is designed to save you time, money and effort


  Shoebox Scanning


If you are like most of us you probably have hundreds of pictures that are sitting in boxes (shoe boxes usually) and drawers collecting dust and possibly fading away. You know you want to do something with them but the job seems overwhelming and you just don???t know where to start.


The Photo Zone has a solution to this problem. Our Shoe Box Scan program is designed to save you time, money and effort while providing you with high quality digital scans of all those neglected pictures. It???s as easy as 1,2,3! Because your pictures never leave our store you can feel confident that your irreplaceable pictures are safe. And of course you get your originals back when your order is complete.


1) Sort your pictures by size and separate verticals and horizontals. Each group of pictures should be bundled together with a rubber band or placed into an envelope so that each group is same size and same direction (vertical or horizontal).

2) Make sure the prints have no glue, staples, or tape on them and that they are not damaged (torn, cut to odd sizes, cracked, etc.)


3) Bring them in and we do the rest!


Guidelines: prints must be no smaller then wallet size (2???x3???) and no larger than 8x10. All photos must be removed from albums. Shoebox scans cannot be done from photos that are mounted, old Polaroid???s (they don???t bend), photos that are sticky, torn, cracked or damaged in any way. These types of photos can be added to your order at an additional charge.

If you want the pictures in a specific order you must number each photo on the back in the upper corner. There is an additional cost for this service.


We scan at 300 DPI at the original size. All files are jpeg and saved to CD or DVD.


Shoe Box Scan Prices

Up to 100 prints


Up to 250 prints


Up to 500 prints


501 +

add .30 per print


Flatbed scans are used for pictures that not suitable for our shoebox scanning equipment. This includes pictures that are mounted or stiff backed, odd sizes such as ovals, cracked or damaged, or larger than 8x10.


Flatbed scans of pictures up to 8x10

1st scan


Each additional


Flatbed scans of pictures larger then 8x10 and up to 11x17

1st scan


Each additional



These files can be added to your shoebox order at an additional charge.


We can make digital copies of pictures as large as 20x30. Please contact our staff for more info.























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(973) 334-9200


1200 Route 46 West

Parsippany, NJ


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